Icicle Valley Aerie

Place: Leavenworth

Project: This well designed timber-framed SIPS house, a Structured Insulated Panel System from Premier Building Systems (link), utilized much reclaimed lumber and proved to be a challenge, warranting great ingenuity. With no crane access to the site, Roger and crew hauled materials 80 feet up the hill on their backs and used a homebuilt ramp with a set of pulleys and a pickup.

Special Feature: Hand-machined timber frame construction - Using mortise and tenon joinery, the framing of Kneisley Timber Homes inspired Roger to build his own house using classic timber framing gear - framing chisels, mortising machines, beam saws, peg drills, slicks, and other artisan tools. Once completed, the house is held together by oak dowels – no bolts – a truly crafted work of art!

Testimonial: "Roger understood what we were trying to achieve and listened to our concerns. He pays attention to detail and keeps to his high quality standards. He was open to new ideas and allowed us to work with him at times to help keep costs down." Lilly Anne Wilder